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When Will They #BringBackOurGirls? by Emma Supple

"The #BringBackOurGirls hashtag went viral and famous faces from First Lady Michelle Obama to singer Alicia Keys took to the internet, holding signs demanding that the girls be returned to safety. But where are these famous faces now?"


5 Things You Need to Know About Child Brides by Jessica Johnson

"In Western societies, particularly in countries such as the United States, women will have the opportunity to experience true love. Yet, in some non-Western societies, this is not the case."

What Sailor Moon Lacks for Women in 2014 by Alissa Medina

"Sailor Moon encompassed all of my favorite things as a kid: astronomy, super villains, and super heroes. Oh, and total cuteness.
What it didn’t encompass was reality and how young women actually are.”


Dear ALL WOMEN: Can we stop apologizing for our dreams now? by Stephanie Watson

"Within every creative, academic, and corporate discipline lies a myth that women aren’t as talented as men, and despite the fact that we should always defend ourselves and show the world that we are just as good, we often end up damaging ourselves in the process."

5 Things Orphan Black Gets Right About Sex and Gender by Alissa Medina

"In lieu of Tatiana Maslany’s Emmy nomination snub and the news about BBC releasing a 3rd season of the show, we tell you why Orphan Black may be the most trailblazing, feminist show on network television.  (Alert: spoilers and trigger warnings abound!)"

What Hollywood Needs to be Doing with Diversity by Stephanie Watson

"Since most movies these days are filled with the so-called ‘default’ cast of characters, the straight, white, able-bodied array of personalities, it’s no surprise that many movie fans find themselves defending Hollywood when it comes out with yet another white-washed story."

Things We Should Stop Saying to Women by Alissa Medina

“‘My body isn’t your body. My body is my own,’ writes our EIC. Below are the haunting and degrading things said to her because of her female-identified body. In the article she asks, is anyone else as equally #annoyed?”


Let’s Debate: Is Beyoncé a Feminist? by Kailey Broussard

"Of all things in life, some come in pairs, such as PB&J, thunder and lightning, and sexism and hip-hop. However, which one of those combinations perpetuates the need to objectify women’s bodies and equate them to lesser beings?"

The Missing Case Of Gender in Cyberbullying by Stephanie Watson

"People will go to any lengths to destroy the idea that cyberbullying is a big problem, that it is often unavoidable for the victim, and something else that many people refuse to accept is that the issue is especially prevalent with those who identify as female."


Why “It Happens to Men too” Doesn’t Apply to #YesAllWomen, A Personal Perspective

"A personal perspective from an anonymous writer on the #YesAllWomen campaign and how writing ‘it happens to men too’ doesn’t apply to the violence against women."

The Bare Essentials: Women and the Military by Amanda Barras-Andruskiewicz

"Do you have a female or female-idenitifed friend, family, etc. in the military? If so, how do they combat the comments, such as that they shouldn’t be fight or participate? Let’s create a discussion!"

The Bare Essentials: Doulas! & Birthing Empowerment by Amanda Barras-Andruskiewicz

"This week Amanda writes on how doulas, an emotional support coach, help women’s empowerment in pregnancy.
A doula is there simplify for ‘whatever a woman wants!’
Would YOU hire a doula? Tell us!”

The Bare Essentials: Powerful Language by Amanda Barras-Andruskiewicz

"In my post on women & government, at the end, I asked that women stop saying things like “I’m a girl, I can’t ____.” I claimed it was harmful to everyone and this post is going to explain why I feel that way. Language is an extremely powerful thing. The words we choose to use while expressing ourselves speak volumes (no pun intended)."

The Bare Essentials: Women and Government (or the Lack Thereof) by Amanda Barras-Andruskiewicz

“‘Stop blaming your gender and/or sex for the things you cannot do, it is harmful to everyone,’ writes our guest blogger Amanda.
Do you blame your gender for things you can/cannot do? Let’s start a discussion!”

Your Toolkit For Being a Modern Day Riot Grrrl by Alissa Medina

"Being a modern day riot grrrl is like being a hybrid of Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls and Ginger Spice of the Spice Girls, just with a little more feminist flair. The riot grrrl movement began in the confines of feminist-friendly grrrl meetings where young women would go to share zines regarding sexual abuse, music, and other forms of oppression and girl-interests. But what began as a secret movement of second-wave feminism quickly began to be picked up by music artists, catapolting grrrl issues to the forefront of feminist politics."

A Guidebook to Women in Physics by Against The Pull Of Gravity

"What does a woman in physics look like?  Well, if you Google images of “female scientists”, you get a lot of women in lab coats with their hair perfectly done, staring intently at their work, and a fair number of photographs of famous female scientists from history, very few of them flattering.  There are others, of course, but these are the most numerous."

The Bare Essentials: What is Patriarchy and Power? by Amanda Barras-Andruskiewicz

"The first goal of this blog is to discuss women and power. I feel that in order to really discuss women and power I must first recognize why there is even a need for a club to empower women or even a need for feminism."

A Writer’s Road Trip To Creative Recovery Can Be Yours, Too by Stephanie Watson

"Are you in a creative bind?
Stephanie gives useful tips on how to break the writer’s block and begin a path of creative recovery!”

What Are Your Happiest Feminist Moments? Here’s mine by Alissa Medina

"What is a “happy feminist moment” and how can these trickles of inspiration help us in our journey of social justice?"