Manageable Hairstyles for Every Occasion - By Kathy Zerbib

The Working Woman With The Low Bun

What You’ll Need:
- Medium to long straight hair (preferably)
- Comb
- A couple of elastic bands
- Hairspray
- Bobby pins

How To Get It:
1. Part your hair all the way down the middle.
2. Take the left side of your hair and tie one of the bands about two inches from the bottom.
3. Do the same with another band for the right side.
4. Twist both parts toward each other, until they each become tight coils.
5. Wrap the stubs under and use bobby pins to lock the bun in place.
6. Apply hairspray to any loose pieces.”


Swap This for That – Easy Substitutions When Eating Out - By Kathy Zerbib

The Cheesecake Factory

DON’T Farmhouse Cheeseburger: 1,530 Calories, 36g of saturated fat
DO SkinnyLicious Hamburger: 570 Calories, 10g of saturated fat

The Farmhouse Cheeseburger actually received a rather embarrassing Xtreme Eating Award by the Center for Science in the Public Interest back in 2011 for its hefty fat content. Possibly in retaliation for being called one of the unhealthiest restaurants in America, The Cheesecake Factory developed their “SkinnyLicious” side menu that features dishes under They also removed the Farmhouse Cheeseburger from their menu, choosing to “upgrade” their burgers into more slimming Glamburgers. The SkinnyLicious Hamburger, now found on their SkinnyLicious menu, is served with a green salad instead of French fries (it’s a start).”


rebeccaadele asked:

I am a feminist because it's the right thing to do. No question. We all deserve the comfort to be ourselves in our own bodies if it doesn't directly impact anyone else's lives and we deserve equal social, economic, and political rights. We deserve to feel safe in our own skin and equal to those around us.

Thank you, rebeccaadele!

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