We want to know why you are BEAUTIFUL!

Reasons to be Beautiful Magazine is on a mission to find out why YOU are beautiful!

Write down “I am beautiful because ______” on a piece of paper, take a picture of it, and send it to us via photo submission on Tumblr!

OR find a creative way to let us know! 



We want to know why you are BEAUTIFUL!

Reasons to be Beautiful Magazine is on a mission to find out why YOU are beautiful!

Write down “I am beautiful because ______” on a piece of paper, take a picture of it, and send it to us via photo submission on Tumblr!

OR find a creative way to let us know! 

Just Keep Swimming! Your Guide To Correct Swimming Techniques - By Samantha Graham

‘Swimming: the second most popular physical activity in the UK, with 14% hitting the pool on a regular basis, according to Sam Murphy of The Guardian. There is no doubt a frequent swim has obvious health advantages; you exercise your whole body, it increases energy levels and it improves your strength, flexibility and balance.

Swimming at a moderate pace burns around 800 calories an hour, it’s beneficial for those with joint and muscular problems, and the simple act of gliding gracefully in the water relieves your mind of stress, as Swimming Information tell us. It’s also a lot of fun; who hasn’t imagined they were a mermaid whilst swimming underwater or splashed around in the pool with your friends on holiday? And accomplishing your goals can be very rewarding.’


Adult Braces: Filling The ‘Gap’ In Your Childhood - by Karinina Cruz

'In today’s culture, we invest a lot of money in our teeth. Surely they are important for a number of reasons, especially for eating. Alongside the apparent functions of our teeth is the conscious desire to preserve or transform them into straight pearly-white gems. Getting dental braces has become a rite of passage for both boys and girls alike. Younger or older adults who missed this ritual often feel that there is a “gap” in their childhood (no pun intended) and return to their dentists to get braces.'

Read more here! :)

Dating Writers Needed!

Reasons to be Beautiful Magazine is looking for interns to write for our dating section! If you love writing and have a knack for relationships, click here and apply now! We would love to hear from you!

What will I be asked to do?
RTBB writers are required to submit one word article per week; our minimum word count is 500 words, and maximum is around 2000 words.

What can I write about?
Dating tips
Relationship advice
Date ideas
Relationship Problem-Solving
Advice on abusive or troubling partners
Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, (etc) Issues.
Love and Dating in the media/culture
Marriage & Single Life
Loving yourself in a relationship
Gift ideas for your partner
How the romantic minds of each gender works
Trips with your partner/Living with your partner
Handling broken hearts (ex partners, or bereavement).
Pretty much anything romance related!

Since RTBB is a non-profit magazine, the writing internships are unpaid, however, not only will it look great on your resume but you’ll gain a lot of writing experience :)

If you are interested in writing for us then please visit this link and fill out our application form, we can’t wait to hear from you!

What does Your Accent Say About You? - By Sophia Longhi

'A few days ago, an ex-colleague of mine asked me if he had a strong accent. I didn’t think it was a particularly over-powering feature of his; when he spoke, you could tell he was from the English West Midlands (he had ‘Brummie’ tones to the untrained ear) but he always spoke clearly and articulately – his accent certainly didn’t dominate his speech. After giving my answer, I asked him why he had asked. He replied that he had been through and interview process and he was one of the final two candidates, but in the last round of interviews he was told he hadn’t got the job. When he asked for feedback to explain why this was the case, he was told that, as well as the other person having more experience, he had ‘strong mannerisms’. He had asked whether or not this meant his accent and the panel had hinted that it had been taken into consideration.

Stigma surrounding accents is nothing new; in fact, I thought it was something old and outdated. The ex-colleague of mine was a competent, confident professional. It would be fair enough if he didn’t have the experience to match that of the other candidate – that is a good enough reason not to get the job – but the fact that his accent was an issue (and that the panel thought it was acceptable to say so) beckons the question: in this day and age, do accents still have connotations that affect the way people see each other? Not just ‘see’ each other – but, in actual fact, judge one another?’


More from Sophia here!

Shopping: The Benefits & Disadvantages of Convenience - By Kathy Zerbib

"Thanks to the many advancements in technology, online purchasing has become a popular convenience for shoppers around the world. According to Magento, the number of consumers who resort to acquiring new products via the computer has increased and is predicted to consistently do so. Nevertheless, there is a negative side to this seemingly simple process and it is crucial that shoppers and sellers alike maintain a guarded, professional environment when interacting online.

Online shopping has a number of advantages that appeal to its audience. First and foremost, it is an ideal, hassle-free situation for those who would rather shop at their leisure. As opposed to rushing to the local mall and fighting crowds for products on special days (like Black Friday, the most consumer-friendly event of the year and every retail sales associate’s worst nightmare), a consumer is given the option to sit in comfortable pajamas and merely click through pages of items found in stores and exclusively on business websites. As also reported by Magento, the average online shopper spent $186.33 on Black Friday (which evens out to about how much an in-person shopper spent), but had the freedom to do so without having to wait through tedious lines at registers or sifting through endless hoards of clothes for appropriate sizes.”



on cosmo and every single magazine out there.


I haven’t pick up a cosmo in about a year and a half. From issue number 1 to issue number 405 of cosmo, all that they write is how to satisfy your man and how to look natural when caking makeup on.

If I can’t give a proper blowjob now, no way in hell will the “instructors” from cosmo going to help.

remember, ladies, suck it as if it were an ice cream cone. :)

This is why you should read our magazine. Here at Reasons to Be Beautiful we want you to be comfortable in your own skin . Feminist, eco-friendly, equal-opportunity, un-photoshopped.

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